Our Mission

We are here to help businesses with great offline legacy to toddle without falls in the digital world. We understand that no business can enhance without having a strong presence in the online world. We learned everything necessary to provide the best advices to plan promising online businesses and we host the best engineers to take the actions for you and create results.

Our Story

Born as a strong desire in the mind of a software engineer with cross platform experience in software services and software products verticals, Mermer Technologies India Private Limited started its journey in 2017 as a tech startup building a platform to build apps just like the drag and drop website builders.

Working with many renowned offline businesses, we came to know that there's a lot more in filling the gap between the lack of software knowledge in legacy business owners and the lack of business domain knowledge in modern software programmers. We fit in perfectly through the rigorous hard work over the years and we are now your best choice to develop an online empire which really works, not half done. 

Cross domain knowledge on legacy business systems & practices and the logics with which modern world software algorithms evolve is the key towards connecting the ends of two differently successful worlds.

Mermer family hosts a group of people of different generations, ages, exposures and experiences to mix different verticals of knowledge together and cook the essence of finely tuned formulae which brings practical and profitable outcomes for businesses of every sizes, shapes and industries.

Experienced Leadership