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Our Services

Android & iOS App Development

Whatever your business be, there's a hidden scope of keeping your customers glued towards your business using something which they regularly use. Nowadays, it's no gadget other than their smartphones and no technology other than a mobile app. We have built so many Android & iOS apps using which our customers generate millions of revenue.

Progressive Web Apps

To overcome the hurdle of making people downloading your app from the app stores, we help you with Progressive Web Apps which are ideally websites that can be installed in the phones of your customers. No downloading, no installing. Once they visit your website, this web app gets added to their home screens. All they need to do is to tap on an icon the next time they unlock their phone. 

Connected digital marketing

Your online business and its marketing should go hand in hand. There are a lot to understand from the data marketed, users visited and transactions done online. People with visibility and knowledge on both these aspects are inevitable to improve the methodologies and processes in effective digital marketing and responses. In order to assure continuous improvement on your digital business and its marketing, we offer digital marketing services using social media, Google Ads and many more. 

Content & Process Managed Services

If you are to manage the processes involved in the operations and the promotions of your online business yourself, you'll have to allot a major chunk of your time in its homework because its not a cakewalk but a heavy lifting demanding responsible supervision and prompt acting. We offer fully managed services for software development, enhancement, content management, online profile management, digital marketing, continuous market study and growth planning in order to assure peace of mind for you to concentrate on your core business.  

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Thinking in your shoes is the key in imbibing your business roles and developing the apt skills in playing the game well as we know that we are to do the exact digital replica of your offline business which you might have built with years of experience. It's as important as managing your core business and we host expert engineers to play each role in the different stages of the process right from gathering the requirements, coding the web pages, testing, publishing, marketing, promotional activities so on and so forth.