What if you partner with a Multi National Giant or a Small Startup

When you join hands with someone on your needs for an online business, you need to be with the best software company who has the best digital marketing expertise. An e-commerce portal can be developed in many ways. Giant MNCs may charge hefty amounts for a basic version of custom e-commerce website. If you wish to add Android and iOS functionalities or even a Progressive Web App to it, it may cost you millions more. A small feature addition or enhancement may cost further more. They cannot be blamed for charging these hefty amounts because professional development and management of software services are really expensive. 

On the other hand, if you approach a small startup for the same requirement, they may agree to develop something which look the same at very nominal charges. In fact, such a website can be developed by a  fresher software engineer free of cost. But if you opt for it, you may have to stop using it the next day when your customers start using it in real-time. The end result will be ruining your hard earned reputation. 


At Mermer, we are a team of engineers researching on the scopes of dedicated e-commerce services for brick & mortar businesses for more than 3 years and the studies are continuing. Our prime focus is on finding more feasible technologies for small, medium and large businesses in leveraging the scopes of e-commerce. As we have fine tuned and streamlined technology for this purpose, we could blend the best class technologies at affordable pricing for businesses like you. 


As you know, the customer world is familiar with world class apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon etc. They must be expecting technical excellence not lesser than any of those from you. Offering anything lesser than Amazon will be something degrading your business. As you know, thousands of updates happen in the backend everyday to keep Facebook and Amazon as we see in the front end. Maintaining your web stores in such quality needs continuous enhancements and 24X7 support on a regular basis. We at Mermer, assure you the best in class technology to represent your business to your customers. Coming along with us, you are joining hands with the best software development and digital marketing company around you.