Web Apps & Native Apps

Web Apps are the easiest way to get your customers on board. A beautiful and catchy domain name matching your business name gives it the first entry. More than just a web app, we develop Progressive Web Apps aka PWA which is a one of the most promising technologies of recent times. PWA are websites with all the features of a full fledged mobile app with online and offline functionalities.

The reason why you should have a PWA online is to cater the needs of your customers which let them try out your services without downloading anything to their phones. People may not be willing to download a bulky mobile app utilising the precious storage space in their phones just for a single local store in the beginning. With a PWA of your store, customers can simply logon to your web app and explore your services. Once you impress them with your products and services thereby making them a regular customer, you can guide them to download your native app and grab a permanent space in their phones.

PWAs are just a gateway to your full fledged native apps. Native apps offer you immense possibilities to jump into the daily lives of customers with unlimited push notifications and alerts to prompt them look into your products and services. Advanced features like Google Maps and online payments work better and safer in native Android and iOS apps. Take users onboard using PWAs and make them your permanent customers with native apps.