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Mould Your Permanent Customer

Launch web stores for your business as easy as creating a social media account

No coding expertise needed, no dedicated IT department needed, no additional staff needed. Upload your content and distribute them among customers as simple as managing your social media pages. Accept online orders and deliver products to your customers. Send mass communication to customers, engage with them round the clock and mould them as your permanent customers.

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Serve customers at the comfort of their homes and be their favourite vendor

In this world of increased competition, retail giants like Amazon, Walmart and Flipkart maintain tight communication with their customers through various notification services related to their own smartphone apps. Sending out details on purchased products, info on upcoming offers, tracking customer grievances or whatever they be, personalised messages and priority notifications keep the customer related to you everyday.

Making a mobile app and maintaining its services had been a herculean task demanding a lot of time, money and effort involving expert IT human resources, huge infrastructure and many other related verticals. Being a small, medium or even a large entity, venturing to all these would definitely be a burden to you and it would take away your focus in core business. We know that your business is serious and it needs to be developed despite the challenges put forward by the e-commerce industry. With mermerapps, you can make mobile apps for yourself and engage with your customers as easy as managing your Facebook page.

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Why Should Businesses Go Online?

The consumer world is tempted more to buy goods online day-by-day. Almost everyone searches the internet to know about the products before they buy them online or offline. We feel that local businesses may face a threat of decline in revenue due to this shifting trend of online purchasing behaviour and the tight customer relationship maintained by e-commerce giants. Hence brick & mortar businesses also need to show their presence online in order to be competitive and not to get left out.

What if you can sell your stuff online as well as offline to the customers around you? Even if not sold online, what if your customers see the photos and videos of your products in their phones on a daily basis? Don't you think showing up your products in front of your customers daily will tempt them to visit your store when they plan their next purchase? Making the customers reminded about your products through in-app notifications, you can assure that your local customers walk straight in to your store rather than your rival on the other side of the road.

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The most awaited technology

People may not keep separate apps for each local store they purchase things from. Native apps, the apps which we download from the Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS) consume considerable storage from the users' phones. Today, we have an all new technology of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) which are apps that provide all the functionalities and performance of native mobile apps and can be accessed just like a website by typing in a simple domain name or by scanning a QR code. The main advantage behind this technology is that the user doesn't need to download or install anything from the app stores and waste the precious storage spaces in their phones. All you need to do is to add the apps to your phone's home screen in a single tap and continue using them just like the other native apps.

We, at mermerapps, develop apps for you using this technology which will help you reap all the benefits of the native apps without compromising on the storage concerns of your users.


Start moulding your customers in simple steps

Publish your own apps and showcase everything you have got in a matter of two days

There's no doubt that digital marketing is the way to hold customers with businesses in the future, no matter the business be online or offline. For brick & mortar businesses, spending huge amounts and time on hiring a software company or IT team, managing their operations, spending time on managing their infrastructure and all such things which would shift your focus away from the core business. All those have become things of the past. You have arrived at mermerapps, the one place to dump all such headaches. We'll do the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy the fruits in the most efficient and easiest manner while concentrating on your core business.

Logon to and start uploading your files

Logon to and start customising your app adding photos, videos and other information on the products you sell at your store. Just like adding content to your Facebook or Instagram pages, the process is so easy and can be done using your smartphone from anywhere in the world. No technical know-how needed.

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New Streaming Service

Request for publication and you're done

Once you have uploaded photos and other details of your products, you may request for publication of your app where we will do the real heavy lifting jobs of acquiring necessary licenses, server spaces, domains and the like. Depending on your choices of publishing platforms and storage requirements, the publication can be done in a day or a week. You may start engaging with your customers then and there.

Start sending picture notifications and personalised messages directly to customers

With the lightning speed publication, you are all set to send out photos and other information on your products, offers, discounts or anything directly to your customers using the in-app picture notification services. Your products and their features will be the first things the customers see in the morning. Be in the pockets of your customers and remind them that you are there at their service so that no one will forget you on their next plan of shopping

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