Keyboard and Mouse

Go Online, Sell More & Be A Monopoly 

Take your retail business online and start selling in a week's time. 

Mobile App

Mark your identity on the digital space

Show your presence online and get noticed by everyone around you.

Phone App

Offline + Online

Launch e-commerce websites and mobile apps in a few days and start selling online.

Tablet & Coffee

Web, Android & iOS

Native and hybrid development of Web, Android & iOS Apps


Market Your Business Digitally

More than just digital marketing, we focus on pin pointed customer targeting using our apps and social media.








Digital Marketing

Content Management



Progressive Web Apps

Android Apps

iOS Apps

Social Media Campaigns

SEO, Google Ads & more

Creative Working

Let us know if you want to be a part of us.



MERMER, is an Indian tech company focussed on building custom software and digital marketing solutions to businesses around the world. Web, Android & iOS apps are our arena. We help businesses transform from offline to online and market themselves big time using digital technology. From the past 3 years' relentless R&D, we have fine tuned the best technology combinations  which will help organisations grow up in revenues healthily in the changing trends in the world of business.

Buildings from Below

Full Stack Developers

We are looking for full stack developers to join our crazy team of energetic programmers. We learn, try out, build, test and release the most innovative programs in the fastest way. Relentless quest to learn, readiness to stretch, deep commitment, sincerity and a team-player attitude are what we look for. Shoot your resumes using the link above and see if you fit our team.


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